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Detail of Code and Graph

The following example in detail:

(Except for cases where signed-in authors chose to keep their work confidential)

BPR in Beluga August 17 16h45

Find the Syntax-highlighted Beluga/b/BPR code below, as posted on Aug-17 at 16h45. With particles, reactions(->), structures(:), and comments(#).

    WP # Work Processes
    Mission -> WP # Defines
        Mission <-  WP # Accomplish
    WP -> Decisions # Execute
         WP <-  Decisions # Guide
    Decisions -> Information # Consider
         Decisions <-  Information # Supports
    Information -> Technology # Employs    
         Information <- Technology # Processes  

The above Beluga code got translated by this site to the corresponding online graph: (Structured-View type)
Fig. BPR.

Business process re-engineering (User description)

This Beluga code is hosted at and is the property of its author, while the Beluga execution and graphs generated here are published under Creative Commons unless marked private by the user.

Generate your Graph On-line from Dot or Beluga languages (Information-Change)

Simply paste your ideas in the code area and hit the create-graph button. Ideas, plans, and programs are represented in a reaction-like style (Beluga language) with particles, reactions(->), structures(:), and comments(#), as in the examples below (and in left menu):

    e.g.   a->b #from a #to b  

    e.g. Empty -> Filling -> Full
    { Actor Water } -> SendingTo -> Empty 

    e.g.   λ -> λ ;
      area:   # pi area
      π -> λ -> π ;    

Your description, title, or tags for this code, optional:

    Type=     Title=        tags= e.g. dna trade music
    Graph Description: private?

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About Beluga

InfChg is a SOA application relying on public cloud services. Powered by: Powered by Google App EngineGoogle App Engine,, Graphviz,, Gafol and Rico

Signed-in users have acess to receive enhanced versions of their code and executions. You can sign in above with your google account, you can also add your name as author by typing it inside your code (e.g. // author John-Nov2008). The Guest service generates a quick graph which quality could differ from ideal text or images. For registered users, a code and image enhancing is available free of charge to all users login in with their Google account. The owner of the source code retains full copyright of his/her work and this site gives the generated graph as CreativeCommons unless the user marked it as private.

Beluging, modeling in Beluga!

The Beluga language was developped under the "Change & Symmetry Model" of Information, and it is sometimes referred as IChange (info-change) code. The model inspires planning and programming by reactions (eg. H2O water), structure (eg. ice crystals), conservations (eg. sea levels), and cyclic interdependence (eg. wave propagation).

Beluga was created as an experimental coding language to solve a particular validation problem in 2002, later grew into an academic research till 2008 and is now available in the cloud thanks to Google. Developed for an industry specific need in telecom protocol-validation, the Beluga code and interpreter expanded later in the academic arena formalizing the underpinning physics-inspired model of information. From its origins as a quick-prototyping method and language, users consider now Beluga code as an easy-to-use language from generic planning to detail implementations.

Beluga Cloud & Web20 goals

The goal of this site is to allow users creating mindmaps, plans, and architecture graphs online and quickly. Users can Embed this diagram in your web-page by using the HTML or image link. Thus the Google Cloud allows seamless collaboration on graphs and ideas, via and wave. Users needing more specific graph settings can sign-up and request the different types in the menu section.

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